Vision, Values, and Inspired Leadership: How to Create a Customer-Driven Culture
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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As an international event speaker, coach, MC, and author, Bruce Lee brings the experience of solid business leadership and entrepreneur or ownership background from a good cross-section of the the industry for 40 + years.

  • Charter Bank branch management and Alberta Manager for the VISA credit card Division of a Canadian Bank
  • Senior marketing representative for a fully integrated Canadian oil and gas the company, charged with increasing market share and building new service stations
  • Senior executive recruiter with an office in England
  • Owned, managed, and operated a 24 hour day, 365 days a year retail convenience store and gas bar business.
  • As an implementation and marketing specialist for Custom Learning Systems, he enjoys working with health care clients all across North America and is developing a new platform that supports immediate patient feedback with their caregivers.
  • On a personal note, he is very active at the Board level in community and sports organizations, manages successful election campaigns, and is a regular blood donor - 516 times and still counting!

Bruce has been providing education keynotes, workshops, and webinars all across North America full time for the past 30 years. Bruce is passionate about working with individuals and organizations to get the results they need to grow their careers and enhance their business success. He shares practical, real-life examples of the most current topics people need, and each presentation includes a variety of complimentary additional resources, articles, and tools to support the content and measure skill levels. Recent clients include health care organizations, education systems, accounting, and CEO groups.

The focus is always on improving engagement and teambuilding with the added value of aligning corporate strategy to create high-performance employees. The results are increased productivity for individuals, departments, and organizations; higher profitability; and increased customer and client satisfaction. Above all, the intent of every presentation is to ensure implementation of the ideas and strategies to move people ahead with a realizable return on their education event investment.

In 2016 Bruce published his first book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge. A free PDF version of this book is one of the many complimentary resources Bruce offers at the conclusion of every webinar. There is also a very special series of complementary resources offered if you are in health care, be it a hospital, clinic, long-term care, or an Association.

This presentation explores all the ways you can lead by example, with, and through your people. This is how to instill trust in you, develop the process, and envision a meaningful future. This starts by hiring the right people, and then ongoing education and support that brings out their best - every day. Your success depends on the success of those you supervise and work with, do it right. When an airplane takes off, you get the verbal and visual advice to: “Adjust your face mask before assisting others you are traveling with you.” The same here – get fitted properly and then assist others. It is not telling people what to do, it is being a great example with engaging leadership skills. This webinar is a focus on you that then gets turned around, by you, to your team. If you are not motivated, how can you motivate others? We will define motivation so that everything else makes sense. To influence, you need a great message, real examples, meaningful stories, and to be trusted. How well do you want to be? Sell your ideas, enhance your leadership skills, and grow the strengths of others.

One element of this presentation is a fun look at creating trust with Moby Dick Management”. We conclude with understanding what the greatest management principle is, and that power when tied to personal and professional excellence.

Areas Covered

  • Defining Vision, Values, and Inspired Leadership
  • The difference between Leadership and Management and the three critical strategies to create the future
  • Create a Mission Statement that says it all: who you serve, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it
  • Make a list of your attributes – what you stand for that drives your success
  • Learn the three steps on how to motivate winners and what motivates anyone
  • Help your people move to the top by empowerment
  • Identifying your personal attributes of success
  • Adopt General Norman Schwarzkopf’s 10 Leadership Guidelines
  • Become a high-performance supervisor – it is all about leadership
  • Take the 4 self-tests that: drive loyalty to you, growth, and retention to the
  • The organization, how to coach and be coached, and the attributes of personal growth
  • Receive a free e-copy of my book on trust, and two highly recommend others

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants a fresh look at themselves, their future, and how to influence and inspire themselves and others to higher levels of contribution and success. This session can take the brakes off your career growth and accelerate you into the passing zone.

Why Should You Attend

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
                                                   Jonathan Swift.
Values and inspired leadership are how you share, grow, and embrace the vision.

How I prefer to reference the essential value of a great vision, and what this webinar  will show you, is:
             “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
                                                    Joel A. Barker
Your success is not just having good managers, it goes well beyond that. You must move from managing to leading, to be visionary, with a vision that attracts great people and inspires them to excellence in everything they do. The customer experience must be front and center in that, as customers are what keeps you in business, and great treatment puts you at the front of the parade. Really good managers know all the statistics about how the company runs, from operating costs per day, to cost per unit, but the missing component is customer satisfaction. To be successful, the manager, supervisor, the owner must provide real leadership. Outstanding Leadership that inspires loyalty, retention, creativity, will be recognized and rewarded.

Topic Background

This session will show you how to motivate, empower and create inspired leadership in an ever-changing environment. Leaders see the future, act accordingly, take calculated risks and expand the vision by building on success and their reputation. This is not a solo project in any organization, as each department, person, can be key contributors to this growth and sustainability. Leadership is the stepping stone to higher positions of authority and responsibility.

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