Value Based Goal Setting
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Anne Browning, a Certified Trainer, Coach, and DISC Trainer has been coaching, consulting, and counseling for over 25 years. Ms. Browning is versed in and has a certificate in Happiness Coaching (based on Positive Psychology) developed by Sean Archer and used by Fortune 500 companies for team building, executive development, and increased productivity. In addition, Anne has training in and has developed specific Brain Techniques for goal setting, problem-solving and relationship building.

Anne Browning has written and developed numerous workshops and programs with an emphasis on growth. A published author, Browning brings a variety of protocols, procedures, and methods to her work assuring the client's long-term success. Her success rate with1:1 coaching is at 90%. This is based on short-term results and long-term satisfaction surveys. The number includes those individuals who did not complete coaching. For those who complete six (6) months of coaching the success rate is 98%. Ms. Browning includes before and after stats for all clients and groups. Preferring a mix of didactic and experiential learning techniques, AnneBrowning has a variety of modalities she draws on to assure adult learning and long-lasting change. Her philosophy in life and business is, “There is always a way.”

Browning can train and coach groups and/or individuals. She has presented workshops Internationally and has trained with and worked for Debbie Ford (Institute for Integrative Coaching at JFK University, where she trained coaches and was Wellness Director for Ford’s numerous workshops.). Trained under Sean Archer (Happiness Project) and Anthony Robbins and is certified by T. Harv Ecker in Train the Trainer. She is certified in DISC and is able to administer assessments to individuals and groups. Her DISC classes may be scheduled as a1:1 assessment and follow up or powerful group training. Browning thrives on problem-solving and short-term laser-based coaching. Ms. Browning also has a ten-year history as a Certified Counselor. She worked with individuals and families in a hospital-based setting and also in a small private practice.

The majority of people set goals based on what they think they should do NOT on what they will do. Setting goals that do not align with the values of the individuals involved will ultimately fail. Learn a simple Brain Technique that will assure you or your company are matching your values with your goals. Value-Based Goals align you with what you most want to become. Discover your core values and how to incorporate them with short- and long-term goals.

Areas Covered

  • What Are Your Core Values?
  • Vision vs. Goal
  • The Left & Right Way to Align Goals w/Values
  • Experiential
  • Questions

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Team Leaders
  • Organizational Heads
  • Individuals
  • HR Trainers

Why Should You Attend

Goals not reached? Goals a mistake? Are you where you want to be? Attend Value-Based Goal Setting and Learn the Brain Technique to assure you not only reach your goals, but you are happy with the results.

Only 8% of Goals are fully achieved. This year be certain that you not only obtain the goals you set but are happy with the outcome. Outcomes using this easy BrainTechnique can move your goal achievement into the 85% range for success.

Topic Background

Stop setting goals that are unconsciously sabotaged, impossible to attain, and a mistake.

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