Vaccine Patents in the Current COVID19 Pandemic Climate
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Joanna is a patent attorney who focuses her practice on all aspects of services related to patents in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, including patentability opinions, patent drafting, domestic and foreign patent prosecution, development and management of patent portfolios, and general client counseling during all phases of a product’s lifecycle, from concept to commercialization.

Joanna’s patent experience covers a variety of complex and innovative inventions involving small molecule drugs, biologics, cell-based technologies, compositions, drug formulations, and drug delivery systems, immunotherapeutics, medical devices, diagnostic tests, and immunology, particularly vaccines and antibodies. Joanna also has experience counseling clients on the Hatch-Waxman Act and is monitoring developments involving biosimilars under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act.

Joanna also has extensive experience counseling clients on domestic and international legal and contractual matters, including issues related to the U.S. and global clinical trials, intellectual property, technology licensing, laboratory services, joint development, research and development, manufacturing, consulting, confidential disclosure, material transfer, and other related agreements.

Joanna is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Cornell Law School (previously at the Harvard School of Public Health) where she teaches a course on Intellectual Property and Health Technologies. She regularly speaks or lectures on intellectual property-related topics and is a frequent author of articles related to patent law and healthcare. In 2013, Joanna published a book called "Intellectual Property and Health Technologies: Balancing Innovation and the Public's Health" which examines the relationship between patents and public health in the context of medical technologies. In 2019, Joanna published her second book called “Billion Dollar Patents” which takes her audience through the process of finding patentable inventions, generating value from those inventions, and then protecting them. She was also selected for the 2014 National Law Journal's list of Boston's Rising Stars.

The current pandemic has turned the global focus on the issues surrounding the patenting and protection of COVID-19 vaccines, drugs, and other treatments. On the one hand, companies and institutions developing these treatments want to protect their innovations. Like other patent claims, compound, composition, and method claims for vaccines must have a novel, non-obvious, and useful properties. They may also include multiple layers of patents from formulations to manufacturing to methods of use. On the other hand, public interest in getting access to vaccines is at an all-time high. Issues such as compulsory licensing, march-in rights, and IP waivers have all been mentioned in helping countries get access to treatments and avoid infringement. This presentation will discuss not only the global patenting issues facing vaccines but will also look at some of the challenges facing vaccine patenting.

  • What are the critical patentability issues when preparing composition patents?
  • What are the issues facing method of treatment claims?
  • What are the public health interests in accessing COVID-19 vaccines and treatments and how do issues related to compulsory licensing, march-in rights, and IP waivers play out?

Areas Covered

  • Overview of vaccines
  • COVID-19 vaccines in development
  • Patentability considerations for compound, composition, and method of use patents
  • Patent licensing issues including compulsory, march-in rights, IP waivers

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

  • C-level executives in companies developing vaccines
  • Anyone interested in understanding the current situation surrounding the development of COVID-19 vaccines

Why Should You Attend

Understand the patent and public health interested in patenting COVID-19 vaccines, drugs, and other treatments.

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