Remote Auditing for FSMA Compliance During COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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President, QAS, (Quality Assurance Strategies, LLC), private consultation for the Food and Beverage Industry specializing in Global Food Safety and Quality with expertise in Regulatory Compliance, Prop 65, Business Integration and Due Diligence. Formerly, Vice President, Food Safety (Officer), Weston Foods (WF), a GWL Canadian company and North American leader in bakery products. Transformed organization toward World-Class Excellence for Food Safety within four years by framing Food Safety Roadmap Strategy. This included fast-tracking to FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), SFCA (Safe Foods for Canadian Act) and new NLEA (Nutrition Labeling Education Act) for US and Canada compliance. Over 25+ years of food safety and quality experience, after holding successively senior positions with Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Bestfoods NA, Unilever, YUM! Brands and Quiznos (Board). Prior to joining Weston Foods held the position of Quality Director with Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) in Europe, (Zurich, Switzerland) and Cadbury as QA Chocolate Director (Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety) for NA/Europe/Global.

Food Manufacturing, processing, and distribution are considered critical operations in a crisis, however, the current global pandemic has made it near impossible for food safety professionals and auditors to perform their normal routine inspections and checks. In this the session we will cover the necessity of continued inspection of our Food Chain, how GMP’s and established regulatory measures come into play and how regulators and industry have become innovative and flexible to keep pantries stocked and safe. 

Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Emergency Relief and FDA/USDA temporary regulations in the Food Sector will be discussed. Remote tactics to manage audit, compliance both domestically and internationally will also be covered. Then we will explore challenges, how to manage the long-haul, seasonal constraints, and documentation needs. Finally, New Ways of Working will be detailed as an important next step to transition the Food Industry to respond to the New Normal as things going forward will undoubtedly change in the critical sect.

Areas Covered

  • Understanding COVID-19 Pandemic
         - Foodborne Globalization
  • Food & Beverage Impact
         -   Supply Chain Constraints
         -   Regulatory and GMP Compliance
         -   Temporary Regulations and Exemptions
         -   Labeling
         -   Certifications
         -   FDA FSMA Inspections
         -   USDA Guidance
         -   Documentation
  • Auditing and Remote Inspection Considerations
         -  New Ways of Working
         -  Communication
  • Forward Actions
         -  Operating in the New Normal

Course Level - Basic to Advance

Who Should Attend

  • Quality and Food Safety Staff/mgt.
  • PCQI Members
  • Operations Leads/Supervisors
  • Sanitation Leads/supervisors
  • Plant Management
  • Warehousing managers/leads
  • Maintenance and Engineering Leads/supervisors
  • Procurement Team Leads
  • Crisis Coordinators
  • Auditors

Why Should You Attend

Huge disruptions in food supplies, panic buying, logistical delays/shut-downs, labor shortages, and border closings are just some of the issues impacting nations that rely heavily on exported products today to feed masses, especially with reliance on global supply chains. Especially at risk are food manufacturers, processors, and retailers that rely on fresh produce or commodities such as palm oil, tropical produce, grains and spices to ensure consumers' pantries and grocery store shelves are full. Additionally, Food Insecurity and the safety of our food supply in this tense time is forcing governments and globally accepted auditing bodies to re-think how to maintain and continually keep our products safe.

This webinar will explore responses from regulators, industry, and global leaders on how they have flexed to manage the crisis with temporary measures built on risk assessment of the Food Chain. Auditing standards have moved to more remote or localized measures to continually monitor our food products. GMP’s, challenges, and New Ways of Working will be explored as well as solutions to ensure continued Food Safety and Preventative Controls are in place as this Pandemic Crisis slowly moves globally with predicted waves, forcing the industry to keep stride with the elongated New Normal in Food & Beverage Industry.

Topic Background

Current Pandemic forcing Food & Beverage Industry to think out of the box to ensure the safety of our food products, resulting in remote auditing, reliance on new checks and balances based on weighing an array of risks built on long-standing GMP’s and Best Practices.

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