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  • CODE : AXEL-0017
  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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  • Born in Germany
  • Joined Air Force and reached the staff office level (O5) as a jet aviator for the German Air Force as well as an exchange officer with the US Air Force F-111. Retired from a 22-year career
  • Came to the US 25 years ago for the USAF exchange
  • Recruited by a software company after retirement and build a team of 11 direct reports with a 40% revenue impact.
  • In 2005 started my own consulting company AMC LLC. We offer:
    • Strategy development consulting
    • International tech transfer program/project management support
    • Employee and leadership skill development programs (custom developed as well as the client provided), including coaching and mentoring packages for upper-level managers and leaders, including C-suite
    • Organizational change and L&D requirements support (starting with assessments all the way to full implementation of change programs or learning initiatives)
  • Clients we serve include:
    • Eaton Corporation (Office 365 roll-our change project)
    • Genentech (Global eLearning development program)
    • Bayer AG (International Capacity Expansion project US - Germany)
    • Pacira Pharmaceuticals (Internal project moving manufacturing to the UK)
    • Merck Pharma (Developing new strategy for regulatory submissions to FDA)
    • Multiple associations and organization like AMA, TTA, Steven Covey, etc. for delivery of online and in-0person workshops for topics about leadership and communications
  • Master’s degree in Organizational Management
  • Ph.D. in Leadership & Org change


  • Rutgers University Advisory Board member 2018/2019
  • Facilitator/Faculty: “Voice of Leadership” & “Advanced Executive Leadership” – AMA (American Management Association)
  • Certified Knowledge Management expert – KMCI (Knowledge Management Consortium International
  • Certified Competent Communicator – TM International
  • Certificate of Master Coaching – Fowler-Wainwright Institute of professional Coaching
  • Certified Performance IQ coach- Global Performance Technologies GPT3
  • Certificate of “How to be a better trainer” – Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center
  • Certified as a facilitator for CISCO internal consultant communication program
  • Certified facilitator/trainer for The Learning Factor in support of ANZ Bank
  • Certified 360 Assessment facilitator for Sum-Total systems used by J&J FLL2 managers & leaders
  • Certified Talent development champion (Take Charge of your Talent Inc.)
  • Designer/inventor of “Innovation Mapping” interactive learning method
  • Certified in N.E.W.S Team development model (Facilitated Training, Org transformation, Executive Coaching)

In programs and projects that predominantly occur online, there are additional challenges to overcome when compared to the traditional program management that happens on a company campus. Even if suppliers and customer/client interactions used to require some online management and communication, the new work environment takes pretty much everybody into a virtual environment and requires new and adjusted approaches to program management.

What tools will be best suitable and what degrees of freedom do we establish in a program or project teams? How do you get people motivated to do what necessary when they never meet or can only get to know each other online? Those and many other aspects of online program management will be addressed in the program.

Areas Covered

  • We will address the new communication challenges and how you can take advantage of the growing familiarity with video conferencing tools
  • We will discuss how you can use tools for collaboration to make sure the non-planned project interactions are happening, are tracked, and are successful
  • We will touch on solutions to identify misunderstandings early so they don’t escalate into conflicts
  • We will aim at creating a virtual program management approach that has proven to work well across different levels of sophistication of program members
  • We will integrate the importance of awareness of the style of each person in a program or project and how to manage/lead them

Course Level - Intermediate to advanced

Who Should Attend

Project and program manager son all levels, especially if you have projects in remote locations or across different countries.

Why Should You Attend

You may already be in a project that stretches across borders of states countries or continents or will soon be. You might no longer be able to get on a plane and travel – not just due to health issues but also because the recent events have proven that the cost and effort of travel could be overcome at least partially by using the most modern communication tools. Communication is one thing, but how do you track, manage, lead, data-manage, task, and milestone track what’s going on in our project? That’s what we address in this program.

Topic Background

In this new world, more and more people are either working from home or the project stretch across the nation, sometimes continents. That requires us to communicate differently, prepare differently when engaging our project partners, and have awareness of what’s needed to successfully complete projects when the interactions with all project team members are online.

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