How to Navigate the Social Dynamics of Your Organization
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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David is a professional speaker, executive coach, and author. His unique experience and expertise include the military, academia, and business. DGR has “been there and done that.”

  • Fighter pilot in the USAF, 208 combat missions, DFC
  • Founder & CEO of three companies
  • Best-selling author:
  • The CEO Code
  • Idiot’s Guides: Management Skills
  • Regional Manager & Management Advisory Council, Merrill Lynch
  • Commercial & residential real estate developer
  • MBA in finance from California State University
  • Studied with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University
  • An adjunct instructor at six colleges in the Southwest United States
  • Lived & worked in Europe for three years and in Asia for one

David has an uncanny ability to relate, cut through the fog, and gently share new alternatives that work. Scores of sophisticated, successful, and sincere executives have enjoyed and profited from DGR’s guidance.

Social dynamics take into consideration the whole person: culture, life experience, emotion, personality, objectives, and power. We will delve into each area and discover the “why” and “what” of how people behave the way they do. Understanding is just the first step. Then we will explore how to read, relate, and influence different types of people and what principles are necessary for a successful relationship. Groups are different and require special techniques than working with individuals. Next comes the things you need to learn so you are able to navigate the choppy waters of an organization. You will need to speak, listen, and relate in different ways depending on the situation. Time will be spent on “Situational Leadership” and how it relates to getting along and yet making progress.

Any organization is a dynamic organism and you will be able to adapt to the different elements, stages, and evolution that is natural in a living environment. Victory goes to those who are most able to adapt to change. You will improve in all areas if you choose to “want to win.” We are excited to help you do just that. Most companies hire people because of their technical or special skills and then have to terminate them because of their inability to effectively be part of the team. Being able to communicate and navigate socially within an organization is not just important it is CRITICAL to your survival.

Areas Covered    

  • Let’s look at cultural dynamics
  • Is it nurture or nature?
  • Emotion is vital and dynamic
  • Everyone has a different agenda and point of view
  • Power can be used for good or evil
  • What and where do you want to go is the big question
  • Who motivates the motivator?
  • Does my own behavior really matter?
  • Situational Leadership can get results
  • Tools and techniques for change

Who Should Attend   

  • CEOs and Executives
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • High potential employees

Why Should You Attend

When you are able to successfully navigate and communicate within an organization, as well as socially and with family everything in your life has a brighter outlook. You will be happier, more relaxed, and be able to contribute more effectively. It is important to get along. This webinar will give you practical, easy to apply principles of how to get along with people. Everyone is unique and it is no small task to be able to easily get along with the wide variety of people we meet at work, socially, and in all areas of life.

Your ability to read the vast variety of personal styles, personalities, and cultures will be significantly enhanced during this session. It is vital that you know yourself well and are able to read and relate to others who are different from you. It is also necessary to blend well with various types of groups. We all want to be appreciated. It takes time and effort to improve your ability to navigate and communicate. We will share specific tools, methods, and exercises you can use on your journey to seek a more rewarding, stress-free, and enjoyable life.

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