Harnessing The Power Of Diversity
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Bob Churilla is a partner in conflict management and organizational development firm, Conflict Resolution Professionals Group (CRPG). In addition, Bob is a Visiting Professor at a private University. Bob has worked with the United States Postal Service, Veterans Administration, Transportation Security Administration, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as a mediator and consultant. He has also consulted with local, state, and private employers, government agencies, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Bob has a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution and a Juris Doctorate degree.

Our world is becoming more diverse every day. Diversity is broadly defined to include persons from different races, ethnicities, religions, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and physical and mental abilities. Studies strongly indicate that diverse organizations have a competitive edge in the world. Nonetheless, there are challenges to creating a diverse workforce. In the short term, organizations may experience more conflict at work. Long-term, organizations become more creative and innovative in finding solutions to problems.

In this webinar, participants will learn the definitions of diversity and what constitutes a minority. This will be followed by how stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination negatively impact organizations. Diversity can have a positive effect on increasing productivity, marketing to minorities, and increasing the value of the organization by doing the right thing. Identity also intersects with diversity in dealing with those from different backgrounds.

Webinar attendees will also be exposed to laws that protect individuals from diverse backgrounds that may experience discrimination. This will include exploring the impact of the “glass ceiling” on women and other minorities and the evolving legal protections for those that have adopted an alternative lifestyle. The webinar will conclude by considering the development of a plan for organizational, human resource, and individual responses to diversity and conflict that may come from having a diverse work environment.

Areas Covered

  • Defining diversity
  • Diversity and the competitiveness of organizations
  • The benefits of diversity
  • Challenges of diversity
  • Defining what a minority is
  • Identity and diversity
  • Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Laws related to diversity
  • Dealing with the “glass ceiling”
  • The evolving rights of those living alternative lifestyles
  • Developing a plan for a diverse organization
  • Diversity and conflict
  • Proposals for organizational diversity
  • Proposals for human resource departments in dealing with diversity
  • Dealing with diversity on the individual level

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

Human Resource Managers, Marketing Managers, Salespersons, General Managers, Engineers, IT Employees, Nurse Supervisors, Government, and Non-profit Managers.

Why Should You Attend

This webinar is for those that want to learn more about dealing with diversity in the workplace. This includes learning practical strategies on how to create a diverse organization. Attendees will discover that diversity increases the long-term profitability, productivity, and creativity of the company or organization. Nevertheless, there are challenges to implementing a strong diversity program. During the integration of persons from different backgrounds, there will likely be conflict as employees become used to each other.

Participants will examine strategies to implement diversity programs organization-wide, in their human resource departments, and at the individual employee level. A diverse organization is likely to experience positive results in marketing to minority groups and being recognized as adding value to the communities in which they operate by doing the right thing. Webinar attendees will learn how to harness the power of diversity to gain a competitive edge in the market and become an innovative leader in their industry.

Topic Background

The world and our country are becoming more diverse every day. The definition of diversity has broadened from being about race, ethnicity, and religion to include disabilities, sexual orientation, and even individual abilities that persons may possess. Within diversity there exists the power for creativity and innovation that comes from being from different backgrounds. There is tremendous long-term potential that diverse individuals bring to organizations if the short-term conflict that comes from dealing with differences can be overcome.

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