Excel: Power Query Crash Course
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  • Duration : 75 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Andy Lanning has worked extensively with Microsoft Office products since the early-1990s. She has traveled the United States presenting at conference and classes to help attendees unlock the full potential of the most common office software programs faced daily in our lives Microsoft.

Andy is a computer “nerd” and has been training individuals and groups since 1995. She has taught computer VoTech classes at both Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho, and is the owner of a computer consulting business. She is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist and trains most Microsoft programs. With 20+years’ experience in the computer industry, Andy focuses every class on using software to solve common workflow issues.

Be prepared to learn more than you bargained for in her class. Andy always teaches the 5 Super Secrets to computers and believes firmly in efficiency training.

Software specialty areas include:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Excel topics: Charts, Formulas, Hidden Tools of the Trade, Data Analysis tools
  • Office Processes: mail merges, forms, databases, data analysis
  • Video Teleconference (How to use for meetings and remote training)
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Computer Basics

Power Query is a somewhat new feature, it first made its entrance in Excel 2010, and now is a standard part of Excel 2016 and 2019.

Power Query is a tool designed for Excel to handle repetitious steps specifically tied to data prep. We all know the drudgery of removing columns, shifting rows, correcting data formats, all before we can actually do the work with the data!

The old alternative was to use macros for this redundant work; but even those were hard to edit and not everyone is comfortable with VBA code.

In this crash course, you will learn how to find Power Query in Excel, load data into it, begin the process of transforming your redundant tasks (one last time!), and then how to save and load the query to Excel to finish your reports.

Take this course and benefit from Andy Lanning’s 20+ years of experience. At the finish, you will realize how hard you have worked without Power Query helping you through your data prep, and soon rejoice at your new-found time savings!

Areas Covered

  • How to begin a power query
  • How to extract data from your source files into the power query
  • How to transform the data (clean it up)
  • View a few examples of the transform process
  • Learn the power of the query settings and the advanced editor
  • How to load the data and save the excel file
  • And finally, how to re-open and edit the power query settings

Who Should Attend

Anyone that is tasked with cleaning and/or prepping data sets for further work in Excel

Why Should You Attend

When the daunting task of 'cleaning up data' comes across your desk, are you using the amazing features of Excel's Power Query?

It is surprisingly common to find oneself repeating a process daily or weekly simply because we didn’t know there was a better way. This is true with prepping data for Excel.

Attend this webinar for a crash course in Power Query and you’ll be amazed at the time you save by no longer redundantly cleaning data.   

Topic Background

Power Query is a “data-clean-up” tool useful in prepping data for further Excel analysis spreadsheets.

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