Excel: Pivot Tables Crash Course
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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Andy Lanning has worked extensively with Microsoft Office products since the early-1990s. She has traveled the United States presenting at conference and classes to help attendees unlock the full potential of the most common office software programs faced daily in our lives Microsoft.

Andy is a computer “nerd” and has been training individuals and groups since 1995.  She has taught computer VoTech classes at both Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho, and is the owner of a computer consulting business. She is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist and trains most Microsoft programs. With 20+years’ experience in the computer industry, Andy focuses every class on using software to solve common workflow issues.

Be prepared to learn more than you bargained for in her class. Andy always teaches the 5 Super Secrets to computers and believes firmly in efficiency training.

Software specialty areas include:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Excel topics: Charts, Formulas, Hidden Tools of the Trade, Data Analysis tools
  • Office Processes: mail merges, forms, databases, data analysis
  • Video Teleconference (How to use for meetings and remote training)
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Computer Basics

Pivot Tables have been a mainstay of the Excel program for two decades, and yet they remain a daunting and little-understood tool. If you are a daily user of Excel, then at some point you will be faced with the challenge of the data analysis. The 1st level of that process is sorting and filtering. And the 2nd level is Pivot Tables. Without them, you will be spinning your wheels trying to make sense of data.

In this crash course, Andy Lanning will take you from an intro to advanced; tips and tricks to master!

This course will demonstrate the Pivot Table window, the design process, the advanced level features, and also provided is a downloadable PDF guide with step-by-step instructions on each feature covered. You will see various Pivot Table and dashboard examples in order to provide ideas on handling different projects and data sets.

Take this course and benefit from Andy Lanning’s 20+ years of experience. At the finish, you will realize how hard you have worked without Pivot Tables helping you through your projects, and soon rejoice at your new-found expertise!

Pivot Tables are a “data summary” tool useful in data analysis spreadsheets.

Areas Covered

  • Quickly summarize data with Pivot Tables
  • Manipulate (or Pivot) the Pivot Table for varying results
  • Group data by custom number ranges and data ranges
  • Create a calculated field within the Pivot table
  • Learn the built-in “Summarize By…” features
  • Learn how to “drill down” to details
  • Learn how to keep your Pivot table spreadsheet tidy
  • Learn why named ranges are a benefit, and why Excel ‘tables’ can be a drawback to producing multiple Pivot Tables
  • Create Dashboard tools to assist others who might use the workbook
  • Attach Pivot charts to the tables and Dashboard items
  • Apply design technique for a presentation of data
  • Learn the little known – but vital - Pivot Table settings that will save time and frustration

Course Level - Advanced

Who Should Attend

Anyone that is using data sets and has the need to summarize or organize data into a presentable format

Why Should Attend

  • Excel Pivots can be a little confusing until you learn the handy tips in this webinar that will bolster your confidence when summarizing data.
  • Have you been leery of Pivot Tables because you might break them? You might “lose data”? Or you just don’t understand how they work?
  • Attend this webinar for a crash course in Pivot Tables and you’ll be amazed how often you will use Pivots afterward.
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