Contractor's Cash Flow Management
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Saleh Mubarak, Ph.D.

  • Construction project management professional, professor, consultant, author, public speaker, and trainer.
  • Ph.D. in civil engineering from Clemson University, USA, specialized in Construction Project Management.
  • Experience: 30+years, diversified:
    o    Industrial: private and public sectors, in the U.S. and internationally. Positions occupied include project engineer/manager, cost estimator, planner/scheduler, project controls manager, cost manager, training manager.
    o    Academic: faculty member/professor, head of the department.
  • Extensive experience in continuing education and professional training around the world. Topics are mainly planning & scheduling, cost estimating project controls. Topics also include soft skills and their integration with project management.
  • Author of:
    o    Construction Project Scheduling and Control (currently 3rd edition, 4th edition is coming soon)
    o    How to Estimate with Means Data: Basic Skills for Building Construction (currently 4th edition, 5th edition is coming soon)
    o    Many articles; technical and other
  • Many presentations in professional conferences such as PMI, AACE International. The public speaker in many local, regional, and international events.
  • An authority on project planning, scheduling, and project control
  • An advocate of holistic healthy living

This webinar starts with the importance of construction cash flow as found by many studies, and then goes into the definition and description of construction cash flow. It discusses the causes of cash flow problems with construction companies with a brief review of the time value of the money and finance-related issues. It will then describe the progress payment request process and the roles of both the general contractor and the owner, with an illustrative example. Other topics related to cash-flow are discussed such as retainage, advance payment, and other deductions. Topics from both costs estimating and scheduling are involved in this webinar for producing the cash flow diagram. The webinar will conclude with tips and recommendations.

According to many studies, the number one reason for the failure of construction companies is cash flow problems. This can happen even with profitable projects but the estimating of the delicate cash flow diagram is crucial. Problems frequently happen with contractors who have to pay their own expenses as well as their subcontractors but the owner’s payments are delayed. Managing the cash flow which includes money spent or committed as well as money expected to be received. Accurately predicting and calculating this "financial expectation" is of utmost importance to the contractor because it directly impacts the ability to conduct/continue operations.

Areas Covered

  1. Definition of cash flow for construction companies
  2. Importance of cash flow management and reasons why construction companies fail
  3. Causes for cash flow problems with construction companies
  4. A quick review of the “Time Value of the Money” topic
  5. Direct versus indirect expenses
  6. Progress payment requests
  7. Contractor’s cash flow numerical example
  8. Cash flow scheduling issues
  9. Other cash flow tips

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

Contractors, subcontractors, project managers, schedulers, cost estimators, project management team members, and owners.

Why Should You Attend

This webinar is an eye-opener to the important process of predicting and managing construction cash flow. It goes over the entire process; step by step, explaining each step and what needs to be done. It is extremely beneficial to contractors, subcontractors, and owners. Failure to understand this process may lead to problems that can hamper the performance of the project.

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