Complying With U.S. Customs Laws
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Jo-Anne Daniels is the President of Trade Resources & Associates, a firm of experts in cross-border transactions, global trade and logistics matters.

Ms. Daniels is an experienced seminar and webinar speaker, corporate trainer and published authority in trade compliance and logistics, her career spans over 25 years in international trade, logistics, and transportation employed with multinational corporations, transportation carriers, freight forwarders, and airlines. She has held senior management roles at multinational companies building and maintaining solid export and import compliance programs, driving the hiring and managing of carriers, customs brokers and freight forwarders.

Participants will learn the basics of U.S. Customs laws and how to develop a Customs compliance program at their company. Participants will learn and apply the mechanics of classification of how to classify their products.

The program will discuss all the key elements of a solid import program. The participants should be able to return to their office and enhance their import compliance program or develop and roll out a new one. The webinar will help the participants feel more confident with importing and how to communicate the importance of complying with U.S. Customs laws, take proactive steps to review their program based upon what is learned and if necessary, take corrective action to ensure compliance with Customs laws.

Areas Covered    

  • Learn what are the basic import documents
  • Know the steps of the entry process
  • What is reasonable care?
  • Understand the relationship between CBP and importers that are characterized by informed compliance
  • Learn the fundamentals of classification including the General Rules of Interpretation
  • Understand the basics of valuation
  • Learn what are basic Customs compliance tools and how to uses them such as, Customs Rulings and explanatory notes?
  • Recognize and be mindful of Customs Red Flags, such as Customs Request for Information
  • Learn what is Antidumping and Countervailing?
  • Understand the Rules of Origin and China Section 301 actions
  • Explore Free Trade Agreements
  • Understand what records must be retained and for how long
  • Learn the consequence of violating Customs laws

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend   

  • Logistics
  • Shipping
  • Import/Export
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations
  • Finance

Why Should You Attend

This webinar is designed to provide a basic understanding of the fundamentals of U.S. Customs laws including what is the standard of Reasonable Care and the penalties for not exercising Reasonable Care. There will be an overview of rules of classification, valuation, country of origin, how to prepare proper documentation and record keeping regulations.

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