Clinically Proven Nutrition Ingredients – What ACTUALLY Works?
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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Vaughn DuBow is the head of Marketing for Capsules & Health Ingredients within Lonza. With over 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, and medical food industries, Vaughn now leads Lonza marketing within North America. He has proven success in bringing unique, differentiated, and effective ingredients to the nutritional industry, and a powerful history of experience with companies such as Alfasigma USA, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and now Lonza.

Creating an effective dietary supplement takes more than simply mixing the most popular or “hyped up” ingredients on the market. Over the years we’ve seen ingredients receive unbelievable popularity only to be disproven by science not long after. Join us to see which ingredients have powerful clinical evidence, the potential structure-function claims that these compounds can provide your product, and see why certain ingredients are unable to be listed as “clinically proven” at this point in time.

Areas Covered

  • Review of most proven and trusted dietary ingredients
  • Review structure/function claim requirements
  • Look at promising dietary ingredients
  • Review which ingredients should be avoided despite receiving recent or somewhat recent popularity

Course Level - Advanced

Who Should Attend

Nutraceutical or Dietary Supplement Companies or Formulators.

Why Should You Attend

Is your dietary supplement as effective as it could be? Probably not. While many dietary supplements appear to have strong evidence behind their efficacy, the truth may surprise you in how unproven many ingredients are. Gain an understanding of which ingredients provide your company with the most evidence for creating powerful structure/function claims and formulate the most effective products on the market.

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