IFRS Converting Your Balance Sheet
Date : 13 February 2019
Time : 01 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 60 Minutes

A Certified Public Accountant, business author Mike Morley is an entertaining and informative speaker and a recognized authority in the field of finance.

Mike offers various training programs, such as IFRS, SOX, and Financial Statement Analysis that focus on providing continuing education opportunities for finance and accounting professionals.

The time has come for your organization to look at switching to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With that in mind, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to lead your organization the changes. While most financial professionals understand the basic philosophy of IFRS, many are unsure exactly how to convert the various parts of the financial statements.

Join us for a unique session that walks you through the step-by-step processes involved in converting your balance sheet.

This session will concentrate on the entire balance sheet, line by line, and will examine what changes will need to be made, and what the consequences of these changes will be for the company now and into the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Deadlines for adoption
  • What will change
  • What will not change
  • Who needs to comply
  • The benefits
  • Step-by-step and line-by-line guidelines

Who Should Attend

  • Board members
  • External auditors
  • Compliance professionals
  • Operational professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Internal auditors
  • Anyone involved in the IFRS compliance process
  • $149.00