How to Return Manufacturing to the U. S. Using Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
Date : 30 January 2019
Time : 01 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 60 Minutes

Michele is Founder and President of ElectroFab Sales, a sales agency specializing in helping manufacturers select the right processes for their products since 1985. Michele has been president of several professional and non-profit organizations. She is currently a director on the board of the American Jobs Alliance and Chair of the California chapter of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

Michele earned a B. A. from San Diego State University and a certificate in Total Quality Management in 1993. She is a 1994 graduate of San Diego's leadership program (LEAD San Diego) and earned a Yellow Belt Certificate in Lean Six Sigma in 2014. She is the author of three books, the latest being Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity, which is like a sequel to the 2012 edition of Can American Manufacturing Be Saved: Why we should and how we can. Michele is an authorized speaker for the Reshoring Initiative.  More than 200 of her articles have been published in IndustryWeek.

Do you know what led to the loss of manufacturing companies and jobs since the year 2000 through moving to manufacture offshore? What has been its impact on the American economy? Is manufacturing returning to America?

In this webinar, expert speaker Michele Nash-Hoff will provide you the answers to the above while helping you understand the hidden costs of manufacturing offshore. You will also learn how to conduct a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis to make the decision of whether or not to returning your manufacturing to America.

Learning Objectives

  • What elements of indirect and direct expenses should be added in a Total Cost of Ownership Analysis?
  • Hidden costs involved in outsourcing and the consequences of ignoring these costs
  • Using the Total Cost of Ownership Worksheet calculator developed by the Reshoring Initiative
  • What has been the success in returning manufacturing to America using the TCO worksheet since its founding in 2010
  • How to select the rights parts and products to return to America
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully returned manufacturing to America using a TCO analysis

Who Should Attend

  • Owners and/or managers of Tier 2 and 3 vendors to Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Management and purchasing agents of job shop companies
  • President/CEO/CFO
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Purchasing managers, supervisors, purchasing agents, buyers
  • Trade Professionals

Why Should Attend

It is crucial for American companies that do not have offshore plants to be trained on how to do a true Total Cost of Ownership Analysis using the TCO Estimator as a counter to the continuing trend of offshoring manufacturing jobs by multinational corporations that have facilities all over the world.

This session will discuss the factors that are changing supply chain dynamics that make offshoring less attractive and identify industries that have reached the tipping point of returning to the U. S. Michele will also describe the Reshoring Initiative's TCO worksheet and how to conduct a TCO analysis for determining whether to restore or not by selecting the first products/parts. Additionally, you will be provided case studies of the companies that have successfully returned manufacturing to the U.S. using a TCO analysis. Supply chain personnel and CFOs can play key roles in educating companies about the total cost of ownership and assessing the true costs of offshoring versus reshoring.

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