How to Conduct Effective Meetings
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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David is a professional speaker, executive coach, and author. His unique experience and expertise include the military, academia, and business. DGR has “been there and done that.”
    ▪    Fighter pilot in the USAF, 208 combat missions, DFC
    ▪    Founder & CEO of three companies
    ▪    Best-selling author:
    ▪    The CEO Code
    ▪    Idiot’s Guides: Management Skills.
    ▪    Regional Manager & Management Advisory Council, Merrill Lynch
    ▪    Commercial & residential real estate developer
    ▪    MBA in finance from California State University
    ▪    Studied with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University
    ▪    Adjunct instructor at six colleges in the Southwest United States
    ▪    Lived & worked in Europe for three years and Asia for one.
David has an uncanny ability to relate, cut through the fog and gently share new alternatives that work. Scores of sophisticated, successful and sincere executives have enjoyed and profited from DGR’s guidance.

Your biggest question should be: Why have a meeting? There needs to be a compelling reason.

We will review various types of meetings and define the purpose of each as well as exploring alternatives to holding meetings. Depending on your real purpose, a meeting may not be the best way to accomplish the goal. Once you determine that a meeting is the best solution there are several questions that need to be answered during the planning process. It is critical to have a good plan.

How do you determine who should attend the meeting? How can you make the meeting memorable and impactful? What should be done to follow up and ensure everyone pulls their weight and fulfills their commitments? How to build an agenda will be discussed and illustrated. The key ingredients and fundamentals of all meetings will be explained. People are all unique and need various types of interaction. We will share exactly how to deal with each major type of person in the meeting so that the good of the group is accomplished and everyone feels they have made a contribution and are valuable.

Meetings are extremely expensive when you consider the total costs, commute time, prep time, waiting, being off the job and other opportunity costs. The more people involved the more the real expense skyrockets. It pays to make them productive!

Learning Objectives

  • How to plan for a meeting and build an effective agenda
  • Learn tricks for staying on the agenda and honoring the time commitments
  • How to create successful interaction with participants
  • Leave meetings with clarity, understanding, and acceptance
  • Understand how to follow up and why it is critical
  • Feedback and how to “Inspect what you expect”

After attending this webinar your meetings will be productive, positive and participants will look forward to them. Co-workers will even be asking you to share your secrets on how to conduct an effective meeting. Your job will be to use the information and share it with others so all company meetings become effective. Join best-selling author David Rohlander on October 31st and walk away with a game-plan for making your meetings effective.

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • High potential employees

Why Should Attend

Good meetings are productive, positive and absolutely necessary.

Bad or unnecessary meetings waste money, waste time and are destructive to morale. It is critical for you to know the difference between the two. Most companies have far too many meetings that are not efficient nor effective. This webinar will give you all the guidance and methodology you need to always maximize the impact and results you create with meetings.

The next time you conduct a meeting your co-workers will be asking you to share the secrets you know on how to conduct a meeting. You will learn those secrets and how to conduct effective meetings during this webinar. Your job will be to use the information and share it with others.

The best evidence of the quality of a leader is to watch their behavior while leading others. This is especially true during meetings.

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