How To Give Performance Feedback- First Time Supervisor
Date : 16 April 2019
Time : 12 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 60 Minutes

Tonia Morris, Founder of Simply HR, LLC, a Consultant, and Management firm that specializes in helping organizations attract, retain, and grow their employee through training. It is Tonia’s belief that training is the secret sauce of attracting and retaining employees.

Tonia spent over 25+ years in the HR specializing in employee development. Tonia is a professional speaker with the National Speaker Association specializing in developing a Multi-Generation workforce; she is an active member of SHRM, and ATD to name a few. Tonia believes engagement is important when administering performance feedback. She is a certified coach with Registered Corporate Coach and Forbes Coaches Council. Visit Tonia on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

In today’s workplace, it is very important that employees feel valued and contribute to the performance process.

Participants will learn the importance of effective performance evaluations, how to conduct them, how to engage employees in the process and how to handle difficult conversation during the process.

Participants will be introduced to a simple solution when providing feedback- The CARE Approach.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop Rapport with Employees
  • Provide Effective feedback
  • Provide a collaborative environment
  • Encourage the employee to self-evaluate
  • Anticipate & Manage employee Defensiveness, Anger or other emotions

Course Level - Basis to Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • New Supervisor or Team Lead
  • New Managers
  • Office Managers

Why Should Attend

The workforce has changed tremendously, with five generations in the workplace and five different job expectations, feedback is a must. Many employees leave because of lack of feedback. If you are new to providing feedback, wanting the best practice of giving feedback or just need to do a better job with providing feedback, then this session is for you.

It is a known fact when employees are giving constructive feedback, productivity increases and employees are more motivated. It is also a known fact, lack of feedback employees become disengaged and ultimately leave for another job. 

If you are looking to retain employees, feedback is a must!

  • $149.00