How The Trade Secrets Act Is Benefitting Inventors, Licensees, And Manufacturers
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Michele is founder and president of ElectroFab Sales, a sales agency specializing in helping manufacturers select the right processes for their products since 1985. Michele has been president of the San Diego Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association and The High Technology Foundation, as well as several other professional and non-profit organizations. She is currently a director on the board of the American Jobs Alliance, the San Diego Inventors Forum, and Chair of the California chapter of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

Michele earned a B. A. from San Diego State University and a certificate in Total Quality Management in 1993. She is a 1994 graduate of San Diego's leadership program (LEAD San Diego) and earned a Yellow Belt Certificate in Lean Six Sigma in 2014. She is the author of three books, the latest being the 2017 edition of Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity, which is a sequel to the 2012 edition of Can American Manufacturing Be Saved: Why we should and how we can. She is a frequent blogger and nearly 200 of her blog articles have appeared on IndustryWeek's e Newsline. She is an authorized speaker for the Reshoring Initiative focused on returning manufacturing to America..

This program will describe what trade secrets are, what they are not, and why they are important. It will show how a trade secret may be more beneficial than a patent. It will explain the important provisions of the Defend Trade Secrets Act in understandable English, not "legalese."

This program will clarify the risks and identify the precautions that companies need to take with regard to their employment and independent contractor agreements to be in compliance with the law. It will explain the remedies that may be used to address the theft of a trade secret.

This webinar will provide valuable new information on the new provision added to the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) that, depending upon how it is interpreted, may govern how district courts handle trade secret information in all cases. It will demonstrate how the DTSA modernizes and strengthens trade secret law in a number of significant respects and fills a prior gap in the law by ensuring a federal remedy for trade secrets and not just trademark, copyright & patent cases.

The webinar will show how trade secret owners now have a federal remedy “complementary” with state law remedies and how the new federal tools will help redress the theft and misappropriation of trade secrets that previously encountered legal and other obstacles. It will show how the Defend Trade Secrets Act will be a great help for inventors and existing businesses that do not have "patentable" Intellectual Property and have to rely on trade secrets to protect their "secret" formulas or processes to produce their products.

Areas Covered

  • What is the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • When did it pass
  • What is a trade secret
  • Examples of trade secrets
  • What was the Act needed
  • What does the DTSA provide
  • What are legal remedies for violation

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend

CEOs, Presidents, V. P.s, General Mgrs., Marketing Mgrs, and Product Development Managers of any company developing or manufacturing a new product

Why Should Attend

It is important to know what may be the advantage of a trade secret compared to a patent. If you don’t understand what they are and are not, you could miss out on the benefits of having a trade secret. If you don’t take the recommended precautions that companies need to take with regard to their employment and independent contractor agreements, you may not be in compliance with the law. It’s important to understand the remedies that may be used to address the theft of a trade secret.

Topic Background

Trade secrets are an essential form of intellectual property. Trade secrets include information as broad-ranging as manufacturing processes, product development, industrial techniques, formulas, and customer lists. The protection of this form of intellectual property is critical to driving the innovation and creativity at the heart of the American economy. Companies in America, however, are increasingly the targets of sophisticated efforts to steal proprietary information, harming our global competitiveness.

The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA - S. 1890 passed by Congress in April and signed by President Obama on May 11, 2016, creates a federal remedy that will provide a consistent, harmonized legal framework and help avoid the commercial injury and loss of employment that can occur when trade secrets are stolen. This webinar will present the important provisions of the DTSA as well as present the requirements that affect companies' employment and similar agreements with provisions protecting against disclosure or misappropriation of the company’s trade secrets or confidential information.

The webinar will provide an update on the effects of the DTSA since its passage in 2016.

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