How Attorneys Can Improve Workplace Results
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Karla Brandau is the author of How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, a 21st-century leadership book. One of her most popular programs is How to See Others with 20/20 Vision, which enlightens individuals on the science of understanding 4-quadrant personalities. She is a thought leader on how to create a culture in your organization that engages employees and enables them to give discretionary effort on a regular basis.

She is the CEO of Brandau Power Institute, a management consulting firm with expertise in strengthening the touchpoints between managers and employees and increasing the productivity of work teams.

Her clients include corporations such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Panasonic, government agencies including the EPA, NIH, and the FDA, and many associations.

She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an earned designation given by the National Speakers Association, a Registered Corporate Coach, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, and a Certified Motivators Analyst.

We live in a chaotic and unpredictable marketplace where change is constant. Teams of professionals in an attorney’s office are pushed harder and harder to increase results. Does this describe your workplace?

Undoubtedly you are a skilled practitioner of law yet running an efficient and productive office may be eluding you. Management is another skill to add to your toolbox. This webinar provides the tools you need. Law schools offer little if any preparation for managing a variety of personalities and job titles required for your firm to prosper. It is difficult to quantify the human capital in your firm, yet when it is wasted or not used efficiently, your firm may wither and lose the competitive edge.

In Henry Ford’s factories, people who worked the assembly line were cogs in a wheel of production. Now in the 21st century, leaders recognize that to increase productivity and reduce costs they need to value the employee as a human being who can contribute intellectual prowess, insight, analyses, and creativity, not just brawn, meaning performing rote, repetitious and routine work in your firm.

Attend this webinar and learn how to improve the results of your law office by creating an environment and culture where employees contribute and do more than just work for a paycheck. You will benefit from tried and true strategies for developing efficient and collaborative teams. The webinar focuses on how to improve results by capturing the immense power and creative contributions of those who work with you, helping you turn employees into your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Learning Objectives

In this webinar, we unravel the secrets of workplace productivity and results. You will learn how to:

  • Determine achievable goals for 2020
  • Write your own motto that galvanizes teams toward achieving those goals
  • Sharpen your leadership skills of connection and rapport
  • Differentiate engagement programs from an engagement that moves employees into action
  • Increase accountability with delegation nuances
  • Distinguish between encouragement and praise and know when to use both
  • Improve results by helping your employees grown professionally
  • Stimulate employees’ desire and interest in work
  • Use gratitude as a genius strategy to increase productivity and improve morale

As you implement the principles taught, you will gain confidence in your ability to

  • Be an inspirational and charismatic leader
  • Turn difficult people into positive players
  • Respect and utilize the individual differences of team members

Topic Background

Every law firm that wants to stand out as a superior firm must have all members of the firm working together for the benefit of clients. This requires a superior leader. Attend this webinar, implement the principles taught and you will become the leader of the law firm people CHOOSE to follow, not HAVE to follow because you own the firm.

You will learn how to earn the gift of discretionary effort, enhance the employee experience, and lead a thriving and resilient firm. It will come naturally to you to:

  • Expand the personal power of employees  
  • Take advantage of employee gifts and talents
  • Gain the emotional commitment of employees
  • Make employees partners in innovation
  • Make your employees your competitive advantage when working with clients
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