Getting Good VOC, Efficiently: Design Research in the D3® Process
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Tom Kramer, President, and CEO of Kablooe Design has been a product innovator for over 26 years and holds a Certificate in Master of Product Development from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design degree from MCAD. He also holds a certificate from Stanford University in Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease. He creates revenue for his customers by delivering innovative product solutions to their portfolios. Mr. KraMer spearheaded the D3 Process™ (Design Driven Development), a vehicle to provide these results to customers, and he teaches this process by traveling as a lecturer and speaking about innovation, creativity, and development processes.

Engineering is extremely integral to user/market adoption. A product to market is difficult whether you are a struggling startup or an established original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Understanding some of the tools available on the front end of product development might help you avoid downstream problems before they become time and money wasters. Gathering good VOC data is one such tool. Usability related VOC gathering methods will consider issues such as how people interact with your device so that the product is used correctly—every single time. It may include building in safeguards that prevent misuse, especially important with devices used in life and death environments.

Designing a solution without considering how someone may use it is potentially dangerous and can (significantly) impact market adoption. Some of the issues we will discuss include:

  • What is Usability/human factors engineering and how does it relate to VOC?
  • What role do usability work and resulting VOC data play in the product development cycle?
  • How do you implement it in your product development plan?

Learning Objectives

  • Define usability engineering and its important role in the success of new product development
  • Demonstrate with real-world examples of how usability VOC makes a significant impact on design inputs

Who Should Attend

  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Managers of R&D
  • Directors of R&D
  • VP’s of R&D
  • Program Managers
  • Product marketing
  • $175.00

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