Developing and Delivering a Successful Business Case or Proposal
Date : 09 January 2019
Time : 04 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 90 Minutes

Marilyn Gettinger owns and manages the consulting firm, New Directions Consulting Group. Marilyn created the organization in 1993 with the mission to assist companies in making the most of their precious resources. She designs customized training programs and consulting services to support organizations that must change to meet the demands of the 21st century. Her workshops present theory and then relate that theory to meeting the challenges of the organization. Participants are encouraged to take on intra-company projects that address upgrading and re-engineering of existing business and manufacturing processes. Her consulting services offer a team approach to streamlining existing processes using all of the skills and experiences of staff members. She has consulted with organizations to improve purchasing, inventory, and supply chain processes.

NEW DIRECTIONS CONSULTING GROUP works with organizations both in the service and manufacturing sector. The client base includes medical institutions, pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and cosmetic manufacturers, mold manufacturers, warehouse and distribution companies. The firm has developed workshops for companies with as few as thirty employees to large multi-national corporations. Class participants may include direct labor personnel all the way to top executives.

Ms. Gettinger is program coordinator and instructor for the Middlesex County College Institutes and the Wired Grant program Supply Chain certificate programs and chair and instructor for the Project Management Certificate program at Union County College. She taught the Institute for Supply Management Certificate preparation courses at both Union County College and also on-site at company locations. She has been a presenter at the Institute for Supply Management International Conferences in 1998 through 2010. She has presented workshops at the American Production and Inventory Control Society’s International Conference in 2000, 2002, and 2003 and 2009. Marilyn has also presented several workshops throughout the country for local and regional affiliates, groups, and forums of ISM on Benchmarking, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Evaluation, Best Practices, and Strategic Sourcing. She recently facilitated an online course for the Institute for Supply Management and led a Satellite Seminars on inventory and finance. She teaches International Trade and Importing at Baruch University. She presents courses in all areas of supply chain management and is an active instructor for the federal government LINCS program and the Talent Development Center preparing students to pass the Council for Supply Chain Management ScPro test. She is also teaching the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional test preparation program.

Marilyn helps promote other businesses through her involvement at both Bergen Community College and Kean University’s Small Business Development Center’s small business workshops. She holds a C.P.M and a CPSM and has completed her master’s degree and is certified in Materials Management from Bloomfield College.

Skilled business writing is important to anyone working in the business world today, but it often does not include the discussion of a business case or proposal. The ability to understand, develop, and present an effective business case is critical to getting one’s ideas, suggestions, and projects accepted. The effective business case requires the development and use of important skills.  These include strong communication, interpersonal understanding, and presentation capabilities.

The business case or proposal presents one’s ideas or need looking for approval from a decision maker and ultimately funding and staff to implement a project, purchase, or a suggestion. This could include a new project, implementation of a new system, hiring of more staff, a different way of doing work, a change to a process, purchase of equipment, etc. Often a great opportunity is presented with backup support and return on investment calculations only to be met with little interest to the frustration of the advocate. The idea may be great, but the business case was either non-existent or did not speak to the decision maker.  

There are a lot of knowledge and skills necessary for success in business writing. For anyone developing a business case, they need to be very clear of the ultimate outcome they are seeking; a good understanding of the decision maker’s communication style, objectives, goals, challenges, dress, presentation; strong business writing ability; and experience in presenting.

Many fail at the business case process even when the opportunity is significant because they focus on their own objectives and goals. The business case must be written and presented to what is important to the decision maker. It must show how this project, change, or idea will support the objectives, goals, and challenges of the decision maker. It must also include the implementation process, the investment, expected outcomes, and future savings or cash inflows.

People tend to agree with people who remind them of themselves. It is important that the presenter adapt their dress, wording, graphics, posture, and body language to that of the decision maker: rapport building. Also, a successful business case developer will identify possible objections prior to presenting their proposal and should be prepared with quick responses. They should be able to pose probing open-ended questions to identify any unidentified concerns.

The business case developer may find that ultimately getting the entire proposal accepted at one time is not possible and requires acceptance of bits and pieces. At every presentation, the decision maker agrees to more of the business case. They need to have patience and keep moving forward asking probing questions and responding with the right answers.

The ability to present business cases successfully is a critical skill for those building careers or for anyone with great ideas who want to contribute.

Areas Covered

  • The place of the business case or proposal in business
  • Business case/proposal defined
  • Objectives of a business case
  • Career importance
  • Leadership skill and why
  • A successful business case or proposal – knowledge and skills
  • Clear definition of expected results - vision
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Business writing acumen
  • Strong presentation skills
  • The audience or decision maker
  • Objectives and goals
  • Projects
  • Communication style
  • Dress and rapport building tips
  • The business case or proposal
  • Formats
  • Positive wording
  • The facts, features, and benefits to the decision maker
  • Executive summary
  • Writing to the decision maker’s communication style
  • The editing process – grammar, spelling, clarity, brevity
  • Presentation
  • Dress and rapport building
  • Clear and concise slides
  • Framework
  • Delivery
  • Charts, diagrams, graphs, tables
  • Tips for success
  • Questioning techniques
  • Responding to questions
  • Handling objections

Course Level - Fundamentals and Intermediate level experience

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who has suggestions and does not have the skills to gain approval from decision makers or has failed in getting approval for projects
  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse staff
  • Planning and scheduling personnel
  • Office managers
  • Operations staff

Why Should Attend

Getting one’s ideas and suggestions accepted is a challenge for anyone from clerical staff, warehouse staff, supervisors, or managers. Often great opportunities are left on the table not because they are not worthwhile but because of the presentation. Those who can approve projects and spend just don’t see the value in their own terms. This webinar discusses the steps critical to getting ideas to decision makers in a format that speaks to that decision maker’s objectives and goals.

This webinar is for anyone frustrated that their great suggestions go nowhere, and they don’t understand why. It is also an important learning opportunity for anyone who is building a career. Successful people can sell their ideas.

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