Developing HIPAA Policies and Procedures for Your Organization
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Roya Camille Keyan established HR Advisory Group Ltd in 2005, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to address the growing need for expert, accessible, outsourced regulatory compliance, healthcare and human resource needs of organizations lacking HR departments as well as those needing additional support. Ms. Keyan has over twenty-five years of demonstrated success and achievement in healthcare and human resource management, regulatory compliance, complex workplace investigations, professional medical and business ethics, employment assessments, HR and business strategy, training and development, employee relations, business leadership, organizational behavior and dynamics, and organizational effectiveness and design. With her background in psychology, counseling, healthcare administration, and human resources, she is often referred to as "The Workplace Clinician." She has combined all of her professional experience and education, along with a dynamic vision, to form a multi-faceted management consulting firm.

After successfully directing Human Resource for two International Fortune 50, "Best Companies to Work For", a VP role in HR, Compliance and Ethics for a private entity, and a successful career in the healthcare, mental healthcare, disability, and human services fields, where she held leadership and executive roles with complex responsibilities in agency administration, clinical counseling and supervision, national compliance and auditing, policy development, internal investigations, finance, human resources, training, talent acquisition, and management, she recognized the need for companies of all sizes, to have affordable, expert HR support and regulatory compliance guidance, and in response, she established HR Advisory Group Ltd in 2005. In 2016, Ms. Keyan moved the company to Dallas, Texas. HR Advisory Group Ltd currently has locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Norfolk, Virginia, and its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The consultants of HR Advisory Group Ltd are available for training and consulting on a national or global scale.

Ms. Keyan brings a corporate and global business perspective and expertise to organizations of all sizes through process improvement and streamlining, strategic initiatives, talent management, and regulatory compliance assurance. Ms. Keyan's extensive professional experience encompassing more than twenty years of coaching and advising healthcare, business, and human resource leaders, has well prepared her in guiding her consulting clients into achieving dramatic results with a new vision and clarity.

She is a graduate of Northeastern State University, The University of Mississippi, and The University of Tulsa. Always committed to continuing education and expertise in her field, she has also completed graduate coursework in Global HR Management at The University of Denver, and Healthcare Law and Ethics at Loyola School of Law in Chicago. She has also completed graduate level courses in Business Management, Ethics, Economics, and Marketing at Darden School of Business at The University of Virginia. Currently, she is completing a Master's in Jurisprudence
in Labor and Employment Law at Tulane School of Law in New Orleans.

As a former healthcare administrator, mental healthcare clinician, national healthcare compliance officer, and QA auditor, Ms. Keyan has always had a passion for HIPAA, patient and healthcare quality, integrity, and professional ethics. Following that passion, and utilizing her rare industry expertise, she has made HIPAA compliance and programming a primary emphasis of HR Advisory Group Ltd and she and her team assists organizations of all sizes with HIPAA compliance and programming.

She is the author of HIPAA: A Privacy and Confidentiality Handbook and HIPAA Clarified: A Guide for Mental Healthcare Professionals.

This course has been developed to help organizations governed by HIPAA as well as their staff, understand the critical importance that specific HIPAA Policies and Procedures have to your organization. They are a crucial piece in your compliance program, and absolutely required in asserting an affirmative defense during an OCR investigation or audit. Does your organization have a full set of HIPAA Policies and Procedures that are consistent with all the HIPAA Rules? Do they address all privacy, security, and breach notification requirements?

Are you aware of the relationship between your Privacy Notice and Your Policies and Procedures? If not, you are probably out of compliance. The OCR Enforcement Actions have created a roadmap for success in HIPAA compliance. Each enforcement action has provided lessons that should be incorporated into your compliance program. This program will assist you if your organization does not have a comprehensive HIPAA Policy and Procedure Manual and needs to initiate the process. It will also assist with improving and updating an existing HIPAA manual.

There are some HIPAA industry Best Practices that are highly recommended in addition to the requirements of the Rules. These will be discussed in this course. What should you expect if you are selected for an audit, review or investigation? Are you aware that just one complaint from an employee, former employee, client, business associate, or patient can initiate an OCR investigation? These topics will be addressed in this course and how to protect yourself, your staff, and your organization. It all begins with your HIPAA policy and Procedure Manual.

Areas Covered

Policy Requirements under the HIPAA Rules

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Physicians
  • Administrators
  • CEO’s
  • Privacy and Compliance Officers
  • Attorneys
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management Personnel
  • Health Plans
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