Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Carol Ptak is currently a partner with the Demand Driven Institute and was most recently at Pacific Lutheran University as Visiting Professor and Distinguished Executive in Residence. She served as Vice President and Global Industry Executive for Manufacturing and Distribution Industries at PeopleSoft where she developed the concept of demand-driven manufacturing (DDM).

Ms. Ptak's expertise is well grounded in over two decades of practical experience as a successful practitioner, consultant, and educator in manufacturing operations. Her pragmatic approach to complex issues and dynamic presentation style has her in high demand worldwide on the subject of how to leverage these tools and successfully become demand driven.

The Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise model is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to adapt to complex and volatile environments. The model utilizes a constant system of innovation and feedback between three primary components; a Demand Driven Operating Model, Demand Driven S&OP and Adaptive S&OP. A Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise focuses on the protection and promotion of the flow of relevant information and materials across the strategic (annual, quarterly, and monthly) tactical and operational (hourly, daily, and weekly) relevant ranges in order to drive sustained return on equity performance.

Despite spending enormous sums on technology and improvement methods, most businesses are under siege. The inability to drive adaptation to an increasingly more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (“VUCA”) set of circumstances has resulted in an unprecedented rate of failure across organizations of all shapes and sizes. Worse yet, the necessary component to break the cycle is being distorted by antiquated models, methods, rules, and tools held over from decades past. The industry is stuck in a rut, and that rut is getting deeper and deeper.

Areas Covered    

  • Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise introduction
  • Demand Driven Operating Model
  • Demand Driven Sales and Operation Planning
  • Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend   

  • Director
  • Vice President
  • CEO
  • Supply Chain Director

Why Should Attend

Companies are facing an ever increasingly complex environment coupled with increasing marketplace volatility. This requires companies to strive to be more flexible and responsive by focusing on flow, streamline both planning and execution, and attempt to conserve the use of their valuable resources. Instead of investing capacity, cash, and space into items prematurely, a company must be able to use its resources to produce only those products that will be actually demanded by their customers. How can a company transform into an agile demand-driven enterprise capable of staying ahead of today’s hypercompetitive market? Clearly, the answer must be a systemic change—an alignment of strategy and demand-driven operations. 

Where does common sense turn into common nonsense in organizations? Today, companies lack an effective framework to consistently apply and integrate common sense principles at ALL levels (strategic, tactical, and operational).

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