How Human Capital Assets Empower your Organization
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : All Levels
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Daniel T. Bloom is a well-respected author, speaker and HR strategist, who during his 40+ year career has worked as a contingency executive recruiter, member of the internal HR staff of a Fortune 1000 corporation, an HR Consultant and a Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms

He is an active participant within the HR social Media scene maintaining blogs since 2006 and has written over 40 articles, which have appeared online and in print.  In addition, he has written 7 books in the Human Capital Management/Change Management space.

Certified as both a Senior Professional in HR and as a Six Sigma Black Belt

CHR as a System: Are you in HR or At HR webinar confronts a dilemma faced by HR professionals every day. Your CEO demands that you speak the language of business for you to get a seat at the table. The HR professional is stuck in the transactional mode that HR has been in since it beginning as personnel. During the webinar, we will explore the nature of both views of the HR function. The webinar looks at the characteristics of a system. It also discusses five strategies to transform your HR function.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nature of HR in the modern business organization
  • Understand the difference between a process and a system
  • Remember the evolution of HR
  • Analyze your role in your organization as a Human Capital manager
  • Evaluate your processes
  • Create a new organizational normal

Areas Covered

  • Classification of your human capital assets in your organization
  • Human capital evolution
  • Definition of human capital assets
  • Human Capital assets as hunter gathers
  • Human capital assets in the agriculture age
  • Human capital assets in the industrial age
  • Human capital assets in the information age
  • Human capital assets in the collaboration age
  • Human capital asset’s role paradigms

Course Level - All

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Senior Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Management Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • $160.00

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