Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior: A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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As an international event speaker, coach, MC and author, Bruce Lee brings the experience of a solid business leadership and entrepreneur /ownership  background from a good cross section of industry for 40 + years.

  • Charter Bank branch management and Alberta Manager for the VISA credit card Division of a Canadian Bank,
  • Senior marketing representative for a fully integrated Canadian oil and gas company, charged with increasing market share and building new service stations
  • Senior executive recruiter with an office in England
  • Owned and managed a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year retail convenience store and gas bar business.
  • As an implementation specialist for Custom Learning Systems, he enjoys working with health care clients all across North America and is developing a new platform that supports immediate patient feedback
  • On a personal note, he is very active at the Board level in community - and sport organizations, manages successful election campaign, and is a regular blood donor - 520 times and still counting!

Bruce has been providing education keynotes, workshops and webinars all across North America full time for the past 30 years. Bruce is passionate on working with individuals and organizations to get the results they need to grow their careers and enhance their business success. He shares practical, real life examples on the most current topics people need, and each presentation includes a variety of complimentary additional resources, articles and tools to support the content and measure skill levels. Recent clients include health care organizations, education systems, accounting and CEO groups.

The focus is always on improving engagement and team building with the added value of aligning corporate strategy to create high performance employees. The results are increased productivity for individuals, departments, and organizations; higher profitability; and increased customer and client satisfaction. Above all, the intent of every presentation is to ensure implementation of the ideas and strategies to move people ahead with a realizable return on their education event investment.

In 2016 Bruce published his first book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge. A free PDF version of this book is one of the many complimentary resources Bruce offers at the conclusion of every webinar. There is also a special series of complimentary resources offered if you are in health care.

This webinar has been approved for 1.50 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, and SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®). Please make note of the activity ID number on your recertification application form. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at www.hrci.org

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Whatever you call it, bullying, harassment, and gossip, it all matters to you if you have bad attitudes, jealousy and disruptive behavior that sabotages your organizations teamwork, employee morale, lowers self-esteem and reduces productivity and undermines your reputation in the community. When toxic behavior infects a department, managers may be tempted to ignore it or give in, the wrong thing to do, but tolerating it is not a solution!

Areas Covered

  • How managers inadvertently reward negative and destructive behaviours
  • The steps you need to act on in order to keep total control of the situation
  • The four types of problem employees there can be that lead to bigger problems - How to turn around the gossip, gab and the grapevine to create more empowered employees
  • How to tell when someone is lying to you and how to confront them on it
  • When to focus on the behaviour you see and not the attitude behind it
  • How to identify all the forms of bullying there are that you need to control
  • How to stop the rumour mill before it gets started with a policy of transparency
  • Why people want to ‘push your buttons’ by their off-side or inappropriate comments
  • How to control the unwritten rules of the office that becomes the negative culture to discipline
  • How to adopt great techniques to use when employees blame others or deny responsibility

Who Should Attend

This is for everyone who deals with uncivil, disrespectful, angry, or toxic people and their behaviors. If you are involved in improving your customer/client/patient/resident experience through a very effective staff engagement, development and training process, check this out. This is good for CEO’s, HR, Customer Service Supervisors, Department Managers and those who want to advance their careers with an essential leadership skill.

Why Should You Attend

Whatever happened to respect and caring by and for everyone? When you have rude, indifferent, emotionally troubled, over-worked and dis-engaged employees, they will do more harm to your business and employee productivity than you can afford. Caution: A workplace culture of tolerating a bad attitude by one or more employees is not acceptable. Who is to blame? A lot of time, the cause of the employee attitude is generated from how they are treated at work, a seeming lack of respect of them. Is it you or is it them that is the problem? When you fully exercise your position power, you will dramatically improve the strained relationship and drive up their personal power. Respect comes from knowing the person and this session is how to find out what matters, drives and engages them. When you have a language of caring, you create respect. This session is how to change the viewing of this person and their behavior to move them to be solution orientated. Respect drives up trust, engagement and creativity.

Topic Background

This resource loaded, fast paced webinar will show you how to get ahead of and neutralize all forms of negative, bad, destructive behavior, and put a system in place to ensure it does not re-occur. This starts with an understanding that it has to be a policy of Zero Tolerance, followed by immediate workplace reprimands and coaching on what is acceptable behavior. The destructive effects of blaming others, griping, pessimism and of always passing the buck has to be stopped. In this session, you will learn to keep emotional control and to tame that disruptive and destructive behavior you must deal with.

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