Basic IT Auditing

  • Understand the jargon of the computer world
  • Differentiate between types of systems and their major risk elements
  • Understand how computer systems are constructed and how this can influence the eventual running in the business environment
  • Utilize this knowledge to gain a greater acceptance by computer-literate auditees
  • Identify the role of the IT audit specialist
  • Identify potential areas for the auditing use of computerized technology

The webinar is aimed primarily auditors, both internal and external, who are beginning their career in Computer Auditing or who wish to understand the complexities and vulnerabilities of computer systems.

Areas covered

  • Technology and audit
  • Control objectives and risks
  • Batch and on-line systems
  • Programming computers
  • Database systems
  • Computer risks and exposures
  • Computer security
  • Application systems and their development
  • Computer operations controls
  • Computers in auditing

Richard E. Cascarino, MBA, CRMA, CIA, CISM, CFE

Well known in international auditing circles as one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the field, Richard is principal of Richard Cascarino & Associates, a highly successful audit training and consultancy company. He has worked extensively with banks across Africa, the USA, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean Isles. He is a regular speaker at National and International conferences and has presented webinar series throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Richard is a Past President of the Institute of Internal Auditors in South Africa, was the founding Regional Director of the Southern African Region of the IIA-Inc and is a member of ISACA and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Richard was the chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa and served as chairman of the Audit Committee of Gauteng cluster 2 (Premier's office, Shared Services and Health).

He is also a visiting Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, author of the book “Internal Auditing - an Integrated Approach”, 3rd edition Jan 2015, published by Juta Publishing.  In addition, he is the author of the "Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing", “Corporate Fraud and Internal Control” and “Data Analytics for Internal Auditors”

For an auditor working in today's business environment, a basic understanding of the concepts and controls governing the use of computer systems is essential. This webinar is designed to give a basic but comprehensive understanding to auditors starting in an Information Systems environment.The webinar covers basic concepts of computing, primary types of computer systems, the risks and controls and audit usage of computers. You will gain the confidence of understanding the jargon and knowing what questions you put to auditees are addressing the real issues. You will also realize the difference between jargon answers and evasive answers.

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