Antibodies As Versatile Biopharmaceutical Reagents
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi Ayyar earned her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Master’s in Biotechnology from Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India. Dr. Ayyar earned her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, Ireland. During the doctoral program, the majority of her research was focused applied research, where, she worked on developing and engineering novel antibody-based reagents for cardiovascular disease diagnosis. Subsequently, she did two Post-Doctoral Fellowships, one at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at Ireland, where, she worked on developing cancer diagnostics followed by another one at the Baylor College of Medicine, USA, where, a majority of her research was on the development of an effective synthetic vaccine against botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT). During her Post-doctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, she was also instrumental in a successfully completing a project on humanizing an anti-HLA antibody for the treatment of myasthenia gravis, an auto-immune disease. Currently, Dr. Ayyar works as a Staff Scientist at the Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Baylor College of Medicine where she works on studying the pathogenesis of norovirus for developing norovirus vaccines and therapeutics. Dr. Ayyar has published numerous Research publications and Review articles which have earned several hundreds of citations and is also an active member of reviewer/editorial boards of different scientific journals.

Antibodies are one of the fastest-growing class of biopharmaceutical. Everyday antibody-based technologies are witnessing new developments to meet the ever-increasing demands of medicine and biomedical research making antibodies, one of the indispensable elements in the current biopharma platform. Antibodies are basic components of the immune system that helps to protect the host from harmful infections. Due to their highly specific nature, antibodies have found numerous applications whether in terms of research or therapeutic needs. The present webinar will discuss the evolution of antibodies based on application, types of antibodies with their advantages and limitations, commonly employed antibody generation techniques, their characterization, and selection. Finally, we will discuss some everyday examples of antibody application in various biomedical sectors.

This course will provide a basic understanding of antibodies, their production and how they take the center stage in our everyday lives.

Areas Covered

  • Antibody – basics
  • Structure of antibody
  • Antibody classes
  • Antibody evolution from mouse to human
  • Types of antibodies
  • Antibody generation
  • Antibody selection
  • Antibody characterization and application

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend

Students, research staff, lecturers, marketing staff, startups

Why Should Attend

We all undergo diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine analysis, etc. to determine the cause of disease. Antibodies are used in a multitude of these tests. One common example that most of the people can relate to is in pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests are available over the counter and anybody can determine the results based on simple +/- sign. Similarly, every day we hear about a breakthrough in cancer therapy or autoimmune disease treatment. Antibodies form a major class of biopharmaceutical being utilized in therapeutics.

Antibodies are found in all vertebrates and form a major line of defense of the adaptive immune system. Advanced understanding of the immune system has powered us with tools to design and engineer antibodies to suit our needs which have led to the evolution of antibodies from components of the immune system to the multimillion-dollar industry. This course aims to provide a complete understanding of antibody development and various consideration required for its successful application.

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