Advanced IP for Trusted Advisors (legal, accounting, consulting)
Date : 15 January 2019
Time : 01 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 60 Minutes

Mary Juetten is the author of Small Law KPIs: How to Measure your Way to Greater Profits and founder and CEO of Traklight, has dedicated her more-than-30-year career to helping businesses achieve and protect their success. Specializing in leading companies in transition or start-up phases and helping them create sustainable, operational, and financial growth, Mary wants entrepreneurs and businesses to have Fortune 500 style software solutions. Using her extensive education including Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill and a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State, as well as her US and Canadian accounting and public accountant certifications, Mary created the only self-guided software platform that creates a custom intellectual property (IP) strategy plus assesses business risk. Traklight Pro is lead generation or triage for companies; business, startup & venture, and IP attorneys; CPAs; and other professionals. Mary is an international author, blogger, speaker, and mentor. She previously represented entrepreneurs on the Board of the Crowdfunding Investment Regulatory Advocates and is currently on the Emerging Enterprise Committee of the Licensing Executives Society. In 2015 Mary co-founded Evolve Law, a sales and marketing channel for Traklight and speaks internationally on change and technology adoption in the legal industry. Mary was named to the American Bar Association's Legal Resource Technology Center 2016 Women in Legal Tech list and the FastCase Class of 2016. She now serves on the Group Legal Services Association (GLSA) Board. Mary’s new book, The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice is available on Amazon.

Building on the IP 101 webinar, we review the types of Intellectual Property (IP) or intangible assets, including trade secrets and know-how. As companies grow and raise money or exit, their IP is often not adequately identified and protected. Further many companies are not making the most of their innovations or intellectual property on an ongoing basis. Learn more about IP monetization using real-life examples so you can advise your client on how to best leverage their intangible assets.

Areas Covered

  • Quick Review of basics
  • Importance of Chain of custody
  • IP Impact on licensing and contract
  • IP in Valuation
  • IP in Exits

Who Should Attend

Legal professionals (other than IP lawyers), consultants, CPAs, insurance professionals or others who advise businesses, particularly small to medium-sized. Also could target business owners.

Why Should Attend

Intellectual Property (IP) or intangible assets, including trade secrets and know-how, make up more than 80% of a company's value yet, when asked, companies are not sure how to identify, track, and leverage IP. Further, when it comes time to raise money or sell, the IP is often not properly documented. In fact, many of your clients do not recognize their IP issues until it's too late. Early decisions can impact IP ownership and the ability to leverage intangibles. Learn about advanced issues for your clients using cases studies so you can advise your client to leverage and monetize their assets.

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