3 Essential Webinars on Employee Classification, Document Misconducting, Policies and Procedures
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Employee Classification - Exempt or Non-exempt

Presented by Lisa Smith

The misclassification of employees has been a hot topic with the IRS and the Wage and Hour Department (DOL) for years. Efforts to identify and audit employers who deny proper minimum wage and overtime protections due to the misclassification of workers as minimum wage and overtime exempt have been greatly increased. The Questionable Employment Tax Practices Initiative (QETP) is a little-known program that can trigger multiple audits to one employer - simultaneously. The IRS and the Department of Labor have made their positions very clear that employers who do not pay employees all wages due risk heavy fines and penalties.

Documenting Misconduct that Will Stand Up in Court

Presented by Susan Fahey Desmond

As a labor and employment law attorney, you are always reviewing documentation that supports your client’s version of what happened. As a human resource professional, you look at documentation so that you can approve a termination recommended by the supervisor. But as a supervisor, your focus is usually more on getting production done, and you “forget” to document that you had to tell a subordinate three times to do a task. You put off doing those performance appraisals. What are they used for anyway? And, as a supervisor, you are often documenting misconduct or performance issues of someone you once worked side by side. Is documentation easy? No. Is it critical? Yes. But how do you do it right?

“Virtual Team” – How to Manage People Effectively in Multiple Locations

Presented by Chris Devany

This is a unique opportunity to fine-tune your off-site management skills in an environment where you don’t have to worry about making a costly mistake. This is your chance to master proven-effective strategies that you can put to work immediately. Every manager knows that the best - and fastest - way to learn a new skill is through practice. That’s why we’ve packed this hard-hitting workshop with powerful exercises . . . models and case studies specifically designed for managers of multiple locations.

As enterprises have been growing far and wide, often international in scope, we find ourselves as executives and managers with our talent spread farther and farther, often at dozens and hundreds of locations. How do we ‘get a better handle’ on all this?

Lisa Smith has been a speaker, seminar trainer, business owner, and HR Professional for over 25 years. She owns and operates HelpDeskSuites.com which provides tools, training, and support to thousands of employers and HR Professionals across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Lisa and her family live in the Texas Panhandle and operate Andere Foundation which provides online training programs to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault free-of-charge. Lisa is a published author and has 9 books available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Her topics cover management, supervision, and self-improvement.

Susan Fahey Desmond is a principal with Jackson Lewis PC. She has been representing management in all areas of labor and employment law for over 30 years. A noted author and speaker, Ms. Desmond is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has been named by Chambers USA as one of America’s leading business lawyers. 

Chris DeVany is the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a firm which focuses on management and organization development. Pinnacle’s clients include global organizations such as Visa International, Cadence Design Systems, Coca-Cola, Sprint, Microsoft, Aviva Insurance, Schlumberger and over 500 other organizations in 22 countries.  He also has consulted to government agencies from the United States, the Royal Government of Saudi Arabia, Canada, Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom.

He has published numerous articles in the fields of surviving mergers and acquisitions, surviving change, project management, management, sales, team-building, leadership, ethics, customer service, diversity and work-life balance, in publications ranging from ASTD/Performance In Practice to Customer Service Management. His book, “90 Days to a High-Performance Team”, published by McGraw Hill and often accompanied by in-person, facilitated instruction, has helped and continues to help thousands of executives, managers, and team leaders improve performance.

3 webinars mentioned below clearly explain the following things: Employees classifications, policies, and procedures of the documentation and document misconducting, establishing and managing quality teams in multiple locations.

The webinar format is 1-1.5 hours of audio-visual presentation, including a brief Q&A session.

This webinar bundle includes below 3 recorded webinars:

Employee Classification - Exempt or Non-exempt
Documenting Misconduct that Will Stand Up in Court
“Virtual Team” – How to Manage People Effectively in Multiple Locations

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