Problem Solving for Using a Combination of Lean, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 Tools
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Michael A. Mathe is the President and founder of Innovative Quality Services Company, Inc. located in DeLand, FL. IQS is a successful training and consulting firm working with organizations around the world in many diverse fields of endeavor including metal forming and metals manufacturing, plastics, electronics, paper products, distribution, aerospace, education, and healthcare. Mike is a partner with many colleges and universities both in the classroom and in their specialized areas of customized training and consulting services.

In addition to the experiences that Mike has undertaken in the 23 years that he has lead and directed IQS, Mike has over 17 years of prior Operations, Manufacturing, and Purchasing Management experience.

Mike has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Cleveland State University and a MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College. He is passionate about improving Efficiencies, Profits, Process Performance, Internal Audits, and Customer Satisfaction. He has a unique sense of synthesizing systems and determining Opportunities for Improvement.

The purpose of this program will be to present how Lean - Six Sigma and ISO 9001 root cause analysis problem-solving tools have evolved into a widely accepted approach to solve problems.

  • Understanding why the organization is important to effective problem solving
  • To show how process improvement techniques and quality management system requirements can be used to compliment and fulfill each other’s requirements
  • Direct the process owner’s decision on which problem-solving technique to utilize
  • Understand how root cause analysis is a key component to both corrective action and a Lean – Six Sigma problem-solving approach
  • Conserve your organization’s valuable resources by developing a problem-solving process that fulfills all of the organization’s requirements

Areas Covered

  • Brief description and history of Lean and Six Sigma problem solving
  • Brief description and history of root cause analysis (US aerospace and automotive industries ties)
  • Problem-solving in Teams
  • DMAIC – define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  • How the "voice of the customer" is critical to properly using both corrective action and Lean – Six Sigma techniques
  • Understanding how to use the corrective action process to solve complex problems
  • Discussion of the convergence of quality management systems and process improvement initiatives
  • Now you know some basic problem-solving tools, – what’s next?

Who Should Attend

Everyone tasked with solving simple and complex business problems and risks

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